Registered Disability Savings Plan Info for People on Social Assistance

Did you know that if you do nothing but deposit a $250 GST cheque each year into a Registered Disability Savings Plan, starting when you’re 32, by the time you are 60, the value of an RDSP should be over $100,000?

As explained in a new guide, overview, and video series from the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, this is the power of the Registered Disability Savings Plan. Introduced by the federal government in 2007, RDSPs are a long-term savings program for people with disabilities.

With funding from the Law Foundation of BC, the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities created these new resources to explain:

  • who is likely to qualify for an RDSP
  • the importance of the Disability Tax Credit
  • how to get money in and out of an RDSP, including applying for grants and bonds
  • why people with disabilities should open an RDSP, even if they have a low income
  • what people with disabilities on social assistance need to know

In addition to these resources, the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities produces a series of fact sheets for people with disabilities on a range of legal topics. For more information on these and other great legal resources for people in BC, visit Clicklaw.

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