You are invited! Nidus hosting month-long virtual celebration of Personal Planning

The Proclamation Day for amendments to personal planning legislation in B.C. happened on September 1st, but why limit the celebration to one day only? 

Nidus invites you to help make September Personal Planning Month

To celebrate the rich history of the Representation Agreement Act – B.C.’s first law designed specifically for personal planning – Nidus is hosting a virtual month-long party!! 

Personal Planning Celebration!
Personal Planning Virtual Celebration!


Visit their celebration to share your own story or to learn more about the experiences of others.  Help spread the word about personal planning! 

To learn more about the latest legislation amendments see  Nidus’ factsheets. The new set of standard forms for representation agreements and enduring powers of attorney are now available on the Ministry of Attorney GeneraI’s website. 

For  further information and resources related to this topic, check out Clicklaw’s Common Questions. 

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