The TRAC Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre needs your feedback!

Are you working with members of the community who might be using the Tenant Survival Guide?

Perhaps you use it yourself?

If so, please take a moment to complete TRAC’s 2-question survey and spread the word to your community.

The Tenant Survival Guide is a plain-language guide that offers tenants a basic understanding of residential tenancy law in BC. It is designed to educate readers on their rights and responsibilities and help prevent or resolve any problems they may encounter during their tenancy.

The Guide is produced by TRAC, a nonprofit organization that provides tenants with legal education and information about residential tenancy law. For more information about how to order a hard copy, click here.

TRAC Executive Director Nicky Dunlop says that TRAC’s survey is designed to determine how people use  this comprehensive guide .

For follow-up information stay tuned to TRAC on Facebook and Twitter. Or, check out TRAC’s website.

Also, for more information about tenancy, rentals, and landlords, take a peek at these great resources on Clicklaw!

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