Writing or administering a Will? Live on a reserve?

You may be wondering if a will is different for people living on a reserve. If you are registered under the Indian Act and you live on reserve, the process for creating and administering a will is guided by the Indian Act.

Recently Clicklaw has added additional resources that may help to answer your questions.

Estate Administration On-Reserve: A Guide for Executors and Administrators in British Columbia, produced by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, provides general information about the routine tasks of administering a simple estate under the Indian Act. It is aimed at people who have been appointed by the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development office as the executor or administrator of the estate of a family member or friend who has passed away.  


The Guide is designed to be used with the Estate Administration on Reserve Templates Package, which contains forms and sample letters.


 For more resources on this topic, such as Writing Your Own Will: A Guide for First Nations People Living On Reserve, start your search with Clicklaw’s common question on wills for people living on reserves.

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