Stalking – it’s not love

The RCMP’s web resource Criminal Harassment: Stalking – It’s Not Love emphasizes the importance of understanding that stalking is a criminal offence. StalkingResourceAccording to Statistics Canada, more than 1 in 10 women (15 years and older) have been victims of stalking in Canada. However, only little over one-third of those stalked have reported this to the police.

Both women and men can be victims of criminal harassment. If you are concerned that you – or someone you know – is being stalked, it is important to contact the police. Clicklaw also has excellent resources to help you understand how to recognize stalking, what your rights are, how to protect yourself, and where to go for further support and information.

A good place to start is with the Common Question,

I know someone who is being stalked and want to help her find information about protecting her safety

This Common Question also includes an introductory resource on peace bonds and restraining orders.

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