Do you have bed bugs? How about mold?

Hopefully your answer to both of these questions is a happy, ‘No, not I’. But both mold and the dreaded bed bug are definite problems in BC.

If you –or someone you know -is dealing with one or both of these problems, and you’re renting your home, Clicklaw has some resources to help.

The Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre (TRAC) , has pages on their website – Bed Bugs and Mold – dedicated to these topics. How can you detect an infestation? Or mold? And, as a tenant, what rights and responsibilities do you have in dealing with these problems?TRAC logo

TRAC can also help you during these winter months if you find yourself  asking, why is it so cold in my home? Can my landlord turn off my heat? Find out how you can take legal action against your landlord if they are restricting services or facilities from you by starting with TRAC’s handy Q&A fact sheet.

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