Clicklaw Visitor Survey

Over the next few weeks, we’re asking Clicklaw visitors to take a very short survey after they’ve used our site. We want to learn more about who’s using Clicklaw, why people are coming to our site, and whether or not they’re finding information that relates to their legal issue.

Our survey is a little different than the traditional 4 questions that you may get when you visit a website. For Clicklaw visitors who report that they have found some information that relates to their legal issue, we ask if we can send them a follow up survey a few days after their visit. Our goal is to give visitors time to read and digest the legal information found through Clicklaw, and see if it has helped them to take next steps with their legal issue. Participants who complete the second survey will have the opportunity to have their name entered in a draw for a $100 Chapters gift card.

We’re running the survey for the next few weeks. Both the pop-up and follow-up surveys are very short and take only a few moments to complete. So we would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill out our survey! And if you refer clients to the Clicklaw website, please encourage them to do the same. We’ll report back at the end of the summer on what we learn!


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