JESS – A Virtual Assistant for BC Supreme Court Matters

JESS, the Justice Education Society’s electronic diagnostic tool, is now available on the BC Supreme Court website.  Self-representing litigants dealing with civil, family law and criminal matters now have access to personalized free legal help via online chat and over the phone.  

 The civil matters component of JESS offers practical advice including tips on preparing a case, effective note taking methods and how to conduct yourself in court.  Navigating JESS is easy – you simply zero in on a specific stage of the litigation process, e.g. Before Trial, After Trial, to obtain a list of booklets covering that particular topic.  For example, the booklet titled Case Planning Conference describes the process of how parties come together before the trial to discuss and plan how the case will proceed.  Once the trial is in progress other questions may arise, such as what evidence must be presented in Court?  Answers to these questions can be found in the booklet titled Proving Your Case in Supreme Court.  

 Last but not least, check out Clicklaw’s own Common Question – I am trying to prepare a Supreme Court case – for additional resources on this topic.


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