Helpful Resources for Navigating the New BC Family Law Act

Confused about the new BC Family Law Act?  The new BC Family Law Act is in force as of today (March 18, 2013), and the Legal Services Society has published three very helpful new resources that explain the many changes. We’ve combined these resources in  a new common question:

I want to learn more about the new BC Family Law Act

Here is what you can expect to find in the new LSS publications:

  • The Guide to the New BC Family Law Act includes information about language changes, making agreements to stay out of court, parenting arrangements, child and spousal support, dividing property and debt, family law protection orders, and moving with children.
  • The FAQ pamphlet, presented in a Q & A format, addresses how the new law affects family matters, touching on issues pertaining to children, property and debt, and support payments.  In also highlights some of the changes to legal terminology.
  •  The Quick Reference Tool is a set of easy-to-understand visual cue cards that set out to explain the basics of the new family law and direct users to necessary next steps and resources.

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