Access Pro Bono Wills Clinic

By Priyan Samarakoone (guest blogger)

(Access Pro Bono Society of BC)

We’re soon approaching the 1st anniversary of the Access Pro Bono Wills Clinic, and it’s been quite the success.  As one of a handful of Pro Bono Projects for the Department of Justice (DOJ), these programs marked the first time the DOJ got involved in Pro Bono Services in Canada in its 140 plus year history. We have since expanded and now have a mix of both government and private sector lawyers involved in the program.


Estate planning is an important issue for most families.  Proper planning can make the lives of loved ones much simpler and result in significantly less conflicts and disputes.  Estate Planning can range from drafting wills to drawing up representation agreements (for medical and financial decision making) as well as assigning a Power of Attorney.  While the Wills Clinic is not able to provide all these documents as of yet, we do believe that drawing up a simple will should be available to all those in need. 


The Wills Clinic takes place every Wednesday at the Justice Access Centre at the Provincial Courthouse in Downtown Vancouver.  We are able to assist 8 to 12 clients each month and we aim to have a document prepared within one month after the initial interview with a client.  The Wills Clinic has also recently expanded its scope to include section 7 Representation Agreements for medical decision making and other standard powers. 


If you would like further information regarding this program or would like to book an appointment, please contact the Wills Clinic at 604-424-9600 or email    


Program Criteria: for low income seniors (Age 55+) and people with a terminal illness. 

Location: The Justice Access Centre, Room 290 800 Hornby St. (By appointment only).

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