June Is World Refugee Awareness Month

Refugee Claim Flow Chart
Refugee Claim Flow Chart

Canadians enjoy many rights and freedoms, such as:

  • a fair, unencumbered right to vote 
  • the right to speak freely without censorship 
  • religious freedom 
  • freedom of sexual and gender expression

Many people around the world have been denied these rights and freedoms, and must fight for them.

June is World Refugee Awareness month when we recognize that Canada is a place that many people from around the world dream to consider home.  These individuals arrive in our country facing many barriers, including language, limited knowledge about the court process and generally may be feeling vulnerable as newcomers to a foreign new land.

Clicklaw features a number of information resources for individuals who wish to start a refugee claim.  Our Common Question – How do I start a refugee claim in Canada – provides guidelines on who is eligible to apply for refugee status, how to seek refugee protection, how to prepare for a hearing, and highlights what legal aid can provide.

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