Defending Yourself in Court – Newly Improved Criminal Law Booklet Series

Defending Yourself In Court BookletsThe latest redesigned set of criminal law booklets dealing with Defending Yourself In Court is now available from Legal Services Society.  The booklet series is organized by specific offence, e.g. assault, theft under $5000, possession of an illegal drug.  The booklets then tackle each offence by informing what penalties a person may face, what defenses can be applied as well what you can expect the prosecutor to say or do.   The Defending Yourself In Court booklets are an accompaniment to Representing Yourself In A Criminal Trial.

The team involved in the redesign of the booklets applied usability testing techniques in order to make them accessible for users.  The feedback from users led to notable improvements to the publications, including a new format, and a flow chart illustrating which publication should be applied in various stages of the court process. 

For additional resources on pursuing your own defense have a look at our Common Question – I’ve been charged with a crime.  How can I defend myself? – on Clicklaw.

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