Clicklaw Website Enhancements

You may notice some improvements we’ve made to Clicklaw this week. This is part of a project that we’ve been working on over the last year to make it easier for new immigrants to find legal information and legal help, and we believe these enhancements will help all visitors to our site. Here’s a brief overview of some of the improvements you’ll see.

Clicklaw Search ResultsOn the search results page:

  • Facets now have check boxes, making it easier for you to see that you’re narrowing your search
  • Title links go to the resource details page, providing you with richer information about the resource
  • If the resource is available in other languages, they’re listed in search results
  • Quick links to the resource are at the end of each listing. They also include an icon to indicate that you’ll be leaving the Clicklaw site

Clicklaw Resource Details PageOn the resource details page:

  • Clear indication that clicking on the link will take you to an external site
  • Links to the resource in other languages are highlighted
  • “Explore Further” by topic or by organization is more prominent
  • New link to HelpMap, to connect you with in person legal services in your community

Still to come:

  • More blog articles on Clicklaw resources to keep you informed about what’s new, and what’s been updated
  • Promotion to encourage you to sign up for the Clicklaw blog to stay in touch with what’s new on Clicklaw
  • “Train the trainer” kit so you can teach others about Clicklaw, including videos providing quick tips on using Clicklaw
  • Ongoing work with our contributors to ensure Clicklaw content is complete and up to date
  • Webinars for service providers on using Clicklaw

As always, we welcome your feedback!


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