2017 Clicklaw & Wikibooks Survey Results

The 2017 Clicklaw and Clicklaw Wikibooks website user surveys ran for two months, from late October to late December. Here are some highlights from the survey results:

What stayed constant

  • Demographics – the majority (over 55%) are still people with legal questions, then those who are assisting others.
  • The reasons for visiting – to find legal information, then to find a person who can help.

Highlights for Clicklaw

  • Over a quarter of all respondents to the survey identified as Self-Represented Litigants (SRLs) or were helping a SRL.
  • In hindsight, did Clicklaw increase users’ legal understanding and help them move forward to solutions? Yes, increasingly so. We saw:
    • 13% increase in those who strongly agreed that the information increased their understanding of a legal question or issue, and
    • 5% increase in those who strongly agreed or agreed that the information helped them take next steps.
  • There was a 10% increase in those who strongly agreed or agreed that they were able to find the information quickly and easily.

Highlights for Clicklaw Wikibooks

  • Did people find the info they were looking for in a Wikibook? Increasingly, yes. 4% more people strongly agreed or agreed, and those who disagreed or strongly agreed dropped from almost 19% in 2015, to less than 6% in 2017 – a more than 13% drop.
  • Was Clicklaw Wikibooks easy to use? Overwhelmingly, yes. 78% agree or strongly agree that the website was easy to use – a 7% increase since 2015. Fewer than 2% of users disagreed or strongly disagreed that the site was easy to use – an improvement from the almost 12% of users in 2015 who found the site hard to use.
  • Over 71% agreed or strongly agreed that Clicklaw Wikibooks helped them take next steps.

Comments from Users

There were also some great comments from users. We are promoting these through our social media channels, and I am sharing some of them here:

Survey Winners

Last but not least, our surveys resulted in two winners! They were happy to hear that they had won, and were open to sharing their experiences:

Keri-Ann from Vernon shared: “I work for the District of Coldstream as the Director of Corporate Administration. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Public Administration through Thompson Rivers University and I was using the Clicklaw site to do some research for a paper I was writing for the administrative law course I was taking. I found the site extremely easy to navigate and now I use it as a resource for work, study and personal matters. I can often find exactly what I’m looking for. I think it’s a wonderful resource and service and I’ve since recommend the site to quite a few friends and colleagues. Thanks for reaching out. Such a nice surprise and thank you for making such a wonderful resource available.”

Katharine from Comox shared: “I had been looking up information for a friend who had their parent pass away recently and was looking to probate the will for the small estate themselves. Despite my familiarity with the banking side of estates, and the basics to the steps that needed to be completed: i.e. “Probate the Will”, I wasn’t familiar with the probate process. I searched Google to no straightforward advice relevant to BC until I found Clicklaw Wikibooks. It was straightforward and the best source we found. We have been able to successfully probate the will and start to put a close a tumultuous time in her life.”

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