Clicklaw Monthly Roundup: September 2020

We share with you a monthly roundup of changes to Clicklaw’s collection. Here is a summary of updates done in September 2020.

Solve Problems

Disability Tax Credit Tool (new)
by Disability Alliance BC
The Canadian Disability Tax Credit (DTC) can help reduce the taxes you or someone who supports you owe, and offers other great benefits. To apply, your healthcare provider will need to fill out the DTC Certificate (form T2201). This tool is designed to give them the info needed to fill out that form.

Legal Aid BC

Reform & Research

Disaggregated demographic data collection in British Columbia: The grandmother perspective
by BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner
This report reaffirms the calls to collect disaggregated data to advance human rights. It offers a framework for disaggregated data collection that is grounded in “the grandmother perspective”. The framework defines the important difference between tools, process and purpose.

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