Clicklaw Monthly Roundup: October 2020

We share with you a monthly roundup of changes to Clicklaw’s collection. Here is a summary of updates done in October 2020.

Solve Problems

Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL)

Legal Aid BC

  • Parents Legal Centre is a free service to help parents in select locations in BC with child protection issues.
  • Coping with Separation during COVID-19 (new)
    For spouses (married or living in a marriage-like relationship) dealing with the emotional aspects of separating during the pandemic. Describes ways to help you and your children cope, negotiating tips to make an agreement with your spouse, and where to get support services and legal help.

Template Clauses for COVID Agreements between Co-Parents (new)
by the National Self-Represented Litigants Project
For parents sharing custody and/or having access arrangements or support orders in place, but want to make adjustments anticipating the pandemic situation. Includes social distancing clauses, a complete model social distancing agreement, and schooling arrangement clauses.

Securing personal information: A self-assessment for public bodies and organizations (new)
by Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC
This tool helps organizations and public bodies conduct their security self-assessment. They are required by the laws to take reasonable steps to safeguard the personal information in their custody or control.

Coronavirus: Your Legal Questions Answered (updated)
by People’s Law School
Practical guidance and answers to common questions on the legal aspects of the coronavirus pandemic. Covering a wide range of areas, from rights of workers to preparing a will during the time of COVID-19 to life in phase 3.

Learn & Teach

Judges in Canada – What they do and how they do it (newly added to Clicklaw)
by the Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association
This teaching tool is aimed at new & young Canadians, also the public. The video illustrates what they are entitled to expect from Judges in Canadian Courts and covers principles fundamental to our Justice System, incl. Judicial independence and the Rule of Law. Teacher’s guide is available.

Reform & Research

Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL)

  • Health Care Consent and Capacity Assessment Tribunals Project
    Research project on tribunals that review assessments of mental incapability to give or refuse consent to health care or admission to a hospital or other care facility, and that resolve disputes related to substitute decision making for persons who are assessed as mentally incapable of consenting.
  • Engaging People Living with Dementia in Decision-Making
    In order to better support the practice of all health care professionals and staff, best practice guidelines should be developed which addresses how to: Engage people who are living with dementia in health care decision-making; and maximize the capacity of people living with dementia


Summary Legal Advice Clinic
by South Asian Legal Clinic of BC
SALCBC offers summary legal advice and information related to immigration status, child protection and custody, separation and divorce, domestic violence, sexual assault, racial discrimination and profiling, economic justice for workers, elder abuse, mental health, and wills and estates.

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