Clicklaw Monthly Roundup: January 2021

We share with you a monthly roundup of changes to Clicklaw’s collection. Here is a summary of updates done in January 2021.

Solve Problems

COVID-19 Resources

We’ve added more online resources from trusted organizations about issues related to COVID-19. Here’s the Clicklaw link to online resources dealing with the issues.

Disability Alliance BC

John-Paul Boyd, QC

Mediate BC

  • Conflict Coaching for Teachers (new)
    Mediate BC Roster Mediators are offering free Conflict Coaching to teachers who are trying to find new ways to resolve problems that might lead to conflict with parents. This coaching can support teachers to prepare for difficult conversations, manage current conflicts, and prevent future conflicts.

People’s Law School

  • Condos (new)
    Practical information on your rights and responsibilities when living in a strata. Topics include getting your special project approved, dealing with your strata, and getting a bylaw changed.
  • Income & Finances (new)
    Taking control of your financial situation. Topics include your rights on opening a bank account, how to protect your rights and deal with problems, paying income tax, and what you can do if you invest and something goes wrong.


Mediate BC

  • Mediation Virtual Pro-Bono Clinic (new)
    Talk to a professional civil or family mediator and ask questions about mediation generally or about a specific conflict. Mediators can help you determine if mediation is appropriate, discuss timelines, cost and how to discuss going to mediation with the other party, in addition to other topics. Clinics are on the first Wednesday of the month and are free. Email for an appointment or drop in. More information on the website.

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