Clicklaw Monthly Roundup: August 2021

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Access Pro Bono Society of BC

Legal FAQ Sheets: 2021 BC Wildfires (New)
These FAQ sheets answer frequently asked questions in these different areas of law: employment law, family law, insurance law, landlord-tenant law, and strata (condo) law.

BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner

A human rights approach to proof of vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic (New)
This document provides general advice, based on human rights considerations, on how duty bearers can respect human rights if developing vaccination status policies. These are policies that treat people differently based on whether or not they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

BC Residential Tenancy Branch

2021 Wildfire Season and Tenancies (New)
Information for landlords & tenants impacted by the 2021 wildfire season & state of emergency. Includes FAQs, before/during/after an evacuation, serving documents, returning to the rental units after an evacuation, dispute resolution deadlines, vacation/travel accommodation & SRO hotels.

Government of Canada

Hazardous weather: Important notices on flooding and wildfires (New)
This page has information on federal benefits related to flooding and wildfires. Includes Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security, repayment assistance for Canada Student or Apprentice Loan, and money from government, the Red Cross and other relief allocations.

Learn & Teach

Justice Education Society, a website with curriculum resources for teachers, was recently redesigned. Here are the new listings: 

Reform & Research

Legal Aid BC

The following reports from various studies and evaluations have been added: 


AC Friends of Court

Tech Check 2.0 (Preparing for a Virtual Court Session) (New)
With virtual sessions becoming a staple service with the courts and tribunals, AC helps British Columbians prepare for their appearance. Use the online form to make an appointment (see website). The coaching provided includes how to behave during the court session, what to do when emotionally challenged, and other helpful tips.

Common Questions

Where can I get help with legal problems caused by wildfires in BC? (New)

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