Clicklaw Monthly Roundup: October 2021

We share with you a monthly roundup of changes to Clicklaw’s collection. Here is a summary of updates done in October 2021.

Solve Problems

Justice Education Society of BC (JES)

Small Claims BC (Updated)
JES just relaunched the Small Claims BC website with a new design. The site is your guide for civil disputes from $5,001 to $35,000 in Small Claims Court (a division of BC’s Provincial Court). The Clicklaw listings for its content are now up to date.

Kamloops Pride & Pro Bono Students Canada, Thompson Rivers University Law School chapter

Know Your Rights: A Toolkit for 2SLGBTQIA+ Folks in Navigating Youth, Healthcare and Criminal Justice Issues (New)
This online toolkit is a compilation of questions and answers around issues affecting 2SLGBTQIA+ folks. The content is divided into sections on criminal justice, healthcare, youth healthcare, and youth. The appendices are definitions, resources, human right complaints, BC Corrections, and forms.

Learn & Teach

West Coast Leaf

Re-Envisioning Public Legal Education (PLEI) (New)
Community and research-based insights about how to facilitate learning about the law in a way that supports movements for social justice. The report covers PLEI’s guiding principles, purposes, impacts, limitations, and potential harms, as well as wise and ethical practices for PLEI practitioners.


Access Pro Bono

Virtual Family Mediation Project (New)
Free online family mediation and advice services to low and modest income families. By referral from a Family Justice Counsellor, but you can also contact Access Pro Bono directly. The Project Manager will contact you and the other party to explain the process and answer your questions. Screening for family violence will be conducted during the intake process. All meetings take place over the phone or video conferencing software.

BC First Nations Justice Council

Virtual Indigenous Justice Centre (New)
The Centre provides no-cost legal services to Indigenous clients living in under-served areas of the province. The VIJC receives requests for legal assistance through a toll-free line which is answered by a trained call-taker. The call-taker, known as a navigator, uses customized software to make a booking with a free lawyer after asking a few questions including the type of issue and the area where the caller lives. For either a “criminal matter” or a “child protection” cases.

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