Clicklaw Monthly Roundup: January 2022

We share with you a monthly roundup of changes to Clicklaw’s collection. Here is a summary of updates done in January 2022.

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BC Provincial Court

Family Law Act Orders Picklist (Updated)
Helpful versions of BC’s Family Law Act terms used in the BC Provincial Court’s DARS computer system. When orders can be drafted using these terms, the court clerk can record them very quickly, and can also speed processing in the Court Registry. Search for “court orders” on Clicklaw for more info.

Guide for Appearing in the Provincial Court Using Microsoft Teams (New)
This Guide provides specific information about how to use MS Teams for your court appearance at the Provincial Court of British Columbia. Contents include audioconference & videoconference options, establishing the proceeding, joining the proceeding, standing down, and technology tips & issues.


BC First Nations Justice Council

Indigenous Justice Centres (Updated)
The Centres provide culturally appropriate information, advice, support and representation directly to Indigenous people at the community level. While focused primarily on criminal law and child protection issues, they also offer additional services based on community and cultural needs. Offices are in Merritt, Prince George, and Prince Rupert. For their virtual service delivery, see the Virtual Indigenous Justice Centre.

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