Clicklaw Monthly Roundup: July/August 2022

We share with you a monthly roundup of changes to Clicklaw’s collection. Here is a summary of updates done in July and August 2022.

Solve Problems

Law Society of BC

LSBC Tribunal (New)
The LSBC Tribunal is an independent adjudicative body that hears cases related to the conduct of lawyers and lawyer applicants. This website has instructions and guides, forms, information about the complaints process, links to cases and more.

Legal Aid BC

Mothers Leaving Abusive Partners: Information on Custody and Access for Women with Children (Updated)
This booklet is for women with children who’ve been abused by their intimate partner. This includes a spouse or someone with whom they share a child but were never in a relationship with. The booklet explains how to get help and protection, and how to handle parenting arrangements.

Parents’ Rights, Kids’ Rights: A Parent’s Guide to Child Protection Law in BC (Updated)
Explains what happens if the Director of Child Protection has concerns about a child’s safety or plans to remove them. Describes collaborative (shared) planning, decision-making options, presentation/protection hearings. Includes information for Indigenous families, where to get help, definitions.

Provincial Court of BC

Picklists for Bail, Probation and Conditional Sentence Orders (Updated)
Picklists are lists of standardized terms for court orders. They are stored in courtroom computers so a Court Clerk can use them to quickly and accurately capture the order a judge makes. When a judge decides to change the standard wording, a Court Clerk can edit the term accordingly.

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