Clicklaw Monthly Roundup: March 2023

We share with you a monthly roundup of changes to Clicklaw’s collection. Here is a summary of updates done in March 2023.

Solve Problems

Bella Coola Legal Advocacy Program

Legal Information for Indigenous People (Now available on Clicklaw Wikibooks)
This booklet provides basic & accessible legal information for Indigenous people facing legal issues, incl. the justice systems, children & families, rights & protections, death & taxes, income security, and class actions. It explains how the laws can vary for people based on their Indigeneity.

Legal Aid BC

Family Duty Counsel brochure (Updated)
Provides an overview of what family duty counsel can and can’t do. Includes how to find services near you.

Family LawLINE wallet card (New)
Promotes the free telephone service for family legal advice in BC. It includes our Call Centre number and our web page that explains financial eligibility.

Legal Aid Can Help You (New)
Outlines in plain language what legal aid is, and how and where to apply for it. It also lists the phone numbers of legal aid offices in BC.

Parents Legal Centre brochure (Updated)
This brochure promotes and describes the Parents Legal Centre (PLC), a free service to help parents in select locations in BC address the social worker’s concerns. Describes the kind of help you can get from a lawyer and an advocate and how to find out if you qualify.

Legal Aid BC and Healthy Aboriginal Network

A Second Chance: A Gladue Rights Story comic book (Now available in French)
Co-produced with Indigenous Story Studio (formerly Healthy Aboriginal Network), this graphic novel tells the story of Myra, who is charged with assault with a weapon. Myra learns about her legal rights and, with the help of Legal Aid, gets a Gladue report for her sentencing hearing.

Rise Women’s Legal Centre

How do I choose a family lawyer? (Newly added to Clicklaw)
This guide can help you if you are working on a family law matter and you need help finding a lawyer. This guide also explains the difference between Legal Aid lawyers and private lawyers.

Seeking a Peace Bond: A Guide (Newly added to Clicklaw)
This is a resource for anyone in BC who needs protection from a specific person or people and wants to obtain an order from the court.


Ministry of Attorney General

Family Justice Centres (Updated)
Family Justice Centres operate across BC to provide services to British Columbians going through separation or divorce. The Abbotsford and Surrey Justice Access Centres (JACs) have updated hours.

Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry

Nidus Personal Help (New)
Nidus can help you with personal planning. You can contact us on behalf of an adult you are helping. We have a trained volunteer who helps with education, forms for making a Representation Agreement, and using Nidus Registry. You need to book ahead.

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