Youth and Gangs Website and Workshops

Gang Prevention
Gang Prevention

The Justice Education Society recently launched a new website on gang prevention targetting youth. Their project continues with a series of free workshops titled “Immigrant Youth and Gangs” in February and March 2011. Youth forums and training sessions will be in English and community seminars will be in four additional languages. The workshops will feature presentations by youth gang and justice system experts and will help immigrant youth, parents and settlement workers understand the dangers of gang involvement and where they can get assistance.

Youth forums will be on February 2, February 15, February 22 and March 10 throughout the Lower Mainland. The forums will provide youth with an in-depth look at the consequences of gang involvement through interactive court orientations and real life stories of former gang members.

Community seminars for Punjabi, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese speaking communities will be held on February 24, March 1, March 9 and March 23 throughout the Lower Mainland. Targeting parents, the seminars strive to help them identify risk factors and strategies for dealing with youth gang issues. 

Training sessions for immigrant settlement workers will be held on March 15 and March 17 in Vancouver and Surrey. The sessions will provide professional training in understanding immigrant youth gang involvement and working with at-risk clients. 

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LawMatters At Your Local Public Library Report Added to Clicklaw

LawMatters At Your Local Public Library: A Report For Public Librarians was added to the Reform & Research category of Clicklaw this week. The LawMatters program helps public libraries in British Columbia enhance their legal information collections and provides training for public library staff. The report summarizes the activities of the LawMatters project from 2007 to 2009, and discusses future priorities of the ongoing LawMatters program of Courthouse Libraries BC.

The report includes results from two legal reference surveys undertaken by public library staff as well as evaluations of legal reference training sessions conducted across the province and online.