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BC Wildfires & Legal Problems

Are you affected by the wildfires in BC? Are you helping someone navigate through legal issues related to the natural disaster? Below are trusted sources of information for you during this challenging time. At the end of this post, you can find services offering free legal advice.

Disaster response

Emergency Support Services (ESS) Information Centre can answer your questions about short-term basic support to people impacted by the wildfire season. Call 1-800-585-9559 (toll-free).

EmergencyInfoBC is the provincial government portal for disaster response, which includes a range of helpful resources from all things evacuation to recovery & support. 

Benefits and wildfire-related issues

Here are some highlights related to provincial/federal benefits and potential legal issues.

Financial Support

If you are under evacuation order due to BC wildfire, register with Red Cross. Call 1-800-863-6582 between 9 am and 8 pm PST. They will determine your eligibility for financial assistance and provide you with information and services that may become available.

The governments of BC and Canada are providing financial support for BC farmers and ranchers who have suffered losses through wildfires, record heat and prolonged drought in 2021. 

Federal benefits

The Government of Canada provides notices on accessing the federal benefits for those affected by the wildfires:

  • Employment Insurance: affected workers should apply online as soon as possible, even without a Record of Employment.
  • Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security: sign up for a direct deposit to ensure timely delivery of benefits.
  • Canada Student or Apprentice Loan: fast track your repayment assistance application to help with making your payments.

BC Hydro

Bill credit & payment plans are available for BC Hydro customers who are evacuees.


For reporting a claim and acquiring a replacement ID (Driver’s Licence, BC Services Card and BC Identification), ICBC offers an expedited process.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada provides the essential information you need to know about private home insurance and other wildfire-related claims, covering the claims process and the next steps.

Have more questions? Access Pro Bono provides a legal FAQ sheet on insurance claims made concerning the wildfires.


Access Pro Bono provides a legal FAQ sheet for workers employed under the terms of the British Columbia Employment Standards Act (the “ESA”) as of August 17, 2021. 


Access Pro Bono provides a legal FAQ sheet about the potential impacts of wildfires on family law matters.

Landlords and tenants

The Residential Tenancy Branch provides information for landlords & tenants impacted by the 2021 wildfire season & state of emergency. It includes FAQs, before/during/after an evacuation, serving documents, returning to the rental units after an evacuation, dispute resolution deadlines, vacation/travel accommodation & SRO hotels.

Access Pro Bono provides a legal FAQ sheet for tenants who have a tenancy agreement under either the BC Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) or the BC Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act (MHPTA).

Strata (condo) owners

Access Pro Bono provides a legal FAQ sheet summarizing relevant provisions of the Strata Property Act, the Strata Property Regulation and the Standard Bylaws

Legal advice

You may have to meet their eligibility criteria to access the following services.

  • Legal Aid BC has a province-wide Call Centre providing legal representation and information services. Call 1-866-577-2525 (toll-free) or 604-408-2172 (Greater Vancouver) to ask for legal help. 
  • Access Pro Bono offers free legal advice to those impacted by the wildfires. Call 1-877-762-6664 or fill out their online form.

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Clicklaw Monthly Roundup: July 2021

We share with you a monthly roundup of changes to Clicklaw’s collection. Here is a summary of updates done in July 2021.

Solve Problems

Legal Aid BC

  • MyLawBC Family Resolution Centre (Updated)
    This online tool for separated parents now includes free mediation for child support, in addition to parenting arrangements. 

BC Ministry of Attorney General

  • Understand My Ticket (New)
    This online tool from the provincial government helps people in BC decide how to deal with their tickets. It includes a solution explorer guiding you through options, an online ticket payment system, and a link to information about disputing a provincial violation ticket.

BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner

  • A human rights approach to mask-wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic (Updated)
    This policy guidance from BC’s Human Rights Commissioner Kasari Govender details how mask-wearing requirements must accommodate people with disabilities or medical conditions that prevent them from using of non-medical masks. Updated in July 2021 to reflect the changing circumstances.

BC Residential Tenancy Branch

  • Residential Tenancy Branch: Renovictions (New)
    As of July 1, 2021, if a landlord wants to end a tenancy for extensive renovations or repairs, they need to apply for an Order of Possession from the Residential Tenancy Branch. This page explains the requirements to end a tenancy for this reason.

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