More Resources for Family Law Cases in Supreme Court

More resources relating to the new court rules for family law cases in Supreme Court are now available on Clicklaw. As of July 1, family law cases in Supreme Court have to use new forms and follow new processes. The Legal Services Society has now added to Clicklaw the fact sheet Going to Supreme Court? Read this first!, which points to all the resources on the Family Law in BC website that can help you get started with the new forms and processes.

As well, from Clicklaw you can directly access such new Legal Services Society resources as:

Speaking of JP Boyd’s website, we admire it so much that we’ve added entries on Clicklaw for JP Boyd’s BC Family Law Resource as well as New Rules 101: An Introduction, a section explaining the procedure and forms under the new court rules.

Guidebooks on the New Court Rules

More resources to navigate the new court rules for Supreme Court cases are now availble on Clicklaw. The Justice Education Society has updated and expanded its excellent Supreme Court Self-Help Guidebook series.

The series includes over 20 guidebooks written in plain language for those who are representing themselves in BC Supreme Court. The guidebooks fully incorporate the court rules that took effect on July 1, 2010, and include court forms with annotations explaining key parts of each form.

We admire these guidebooks so much that we’ve featured them in a new common question, “I’m trying to prepare a case under the new Supreme Court rules“. The guidebook series has been expanded to now include guidebooks on the transition to the new court rules and drafting orders in Supreme Court.

The Justice Education Society has also launched the website, which brings together a number of the Society’s videos, web resources and publications dealing with the Supreme Court. Along with the new guidebooks, the site is the new home to the videos Court Tips for Parents and Family Law and You: Representing Yourself in BC Supreme Court, the multimedia presentations Taking Your Case to Supreme Court, and more.