Make-a-Will Week – Resources

Wills are rarely a hot conversation topic, but they are essential tools for responsible planning and are now applicable to persons considered “mentally capable” and 16 or older in BC.

Completing a will is usually a relief.  If you have been thinking about a will for yourself or if you have family members who have yet to take that step, the next few weeks are an excellent time to start.

April 6 to 12 is Make-a-Will Week in BC
April 6 to 12 is Make-a-Will Week in BC

Note: If you have a very small estate (little to no assets), making a will may not be necessary. However, it is a good idea to seek legal advice about this.

April 6 to 12 is Make-a-Will Week, and a number of organizations and legal professionals are coming together to donate their time and effort to help people write their will or bring an existing will up to date.

At the Wills Resources page on the Courthouse Libraries BC website, there are lists of wills-related resources for everyone—from lawyers to people who aren’t familiar with the law:

  • print resources (texts) available at select Courthouse Libraries BC branches or through the Lawyers’ Reading Room,
  • online resources available through Clicklaw and other websites,
  • people and organizations that can help, and
  • informational events available to the public for the month of April.

This page will be updated with new resources and events at least for the month of Make-a-Will Week. The PDFs are printable and shareable.

If you would like to make a suggestion for a resource, please email us.

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