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Legal Services Society Is Now Legal Aid BC

by Legal Aid BC

After years of being known informally as “Legal Aid,” the Legal Services Society has officially adopted the name Legal Aid BC as part of its new brand. If you have recently visited our website or follow us on social media, you may have already noticed our new look and logo.

We completed the rebranding work just before COVID-19 hit the province, but decided to delay the release of the new brand until now so we could focus on serving clients during the pandemic.

Why rebrand?

It was definitely time for the organization to change its visual identity, however. Our research showed that the public no longer associated legal aid with the Legal Services Society, the name we have been using since 1979. By calling ourselves Legal Aid BC, it will be easier for British Columbian’s to find our services and get the legal help they need.

Our new identity is based on feedback from clients and community workers. The new tagline, “Support when you need it,” reflects how we can help British Columbians with their legal problems in many different ways.

The new logo of Legal Aid BC and its new tagline "Support when you need it"

While we transition to the new brand, you may still see our old name or logo on our publications or products, but we will continue to offer the same legal aid services.

Whether it’s a lawyer’s help in a courtroom, legal advice over the phone or legal information online from our websites and publications, we are here to help provide legal aid services to those in need.

About Legal Aid BC

Legal Aid BC is the non-profit organization that provides legal aid services to British Columbians under the Legal Services Society Act, and provides free lawyer services to approximately 120,000 people each year. Even more people use its easy-to-read publications and self-help websites.

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