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A New Look for Clicklaw Wikibooks!

The logo of Clicklaw Wikibooks

The Clicklaw Wikibooks website gets a new look. The refreshed homepage design, which was launched last week, makes it more user friendly. We’re excited to tell you how we did it and what we changed!

This site hosts plain-language legal publications such as JP Boyd on Family Law and Dial-A-Law. These publications are collaboratively developed and are published and kept up-to-date on a wiki, where they can also be printed and downloaded.

Heuristic evaluation

Last year we had a third-party consultant conducting a heuristic evaluation of the Clicklaw Wikibooks homepage. In other words, a usability expert reviewed the homepage and compared it against accepted usability principles. The result was a set of recommendations comprising editorial updates and “cosmetic” changes to make the site easier to use.

What are the changes?

Here are the highlights of what we did to the homepage design:

  • Brought the site’s styles closer to the Clicklaw website, including the colour scheme
  • Increased the body copy font size to allow better readability on the web (for desktop view)
  • Added in more white space between elements to direct people to and then through different content
  • Rearranged features on the homepage, such as moving the “What is a Clicklaw Wikibook” block to the top page for more visibility
A screenshot of the Clicklaw Wikibooks homepage
A screenshot of the redesigned homepage

Have feedback?

We are always looking for ways to improve our websites. Let us know what you think about the redesigned Clicklaw Wikibooks. Email us at

About Clicklaw Wikibooks

Clicklaw Wikibooks covers various BC legal topics using plain language, so people don’t need legal training to understand them. They are available in print and digitally, and range in size from small booklets to 1,000+ page manuals. They are collaboratively developed in the sense that many different legal professionals and law-related non-profit organizations contribute content and help keep it accurate, while Courthouse Libraries BC manages the platform and helps recruit volunteer authors and reviewers.

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On a white background, the following logos are placed on each corner: Department of Justice Canada, Clicklaw, LawMatters, and Courthouse Libraries BC. In the middle-center, a box with an orange background displays the text "Basics of the YCJA for Service Providers". A smaller box with an orange background below it displays the text "A Webinar - Sept 9th, 2020".

Basics of the YCJA for Service Providers

Do you work with youth? Are you interested in learning more about the recent changes to the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)?

Clicklaw and LawMatters are partnering to support a webinar delivered by the Department of Justice Canada and hosted by Courthouse Libraries BC.


This 2-hour training session is for front line service providers, public librarians and legal advocates

What you will learn

The session will provide insight into the YCJA and its principles. Participants can expect to understand better and contextualize:

  • the principles of the YCJA,
  • recent amendments to the Act,
  • the objectives behind these amendments,
  • administration of justice offences, and 
  • bail and sentencing principles and conditions.

About the instructor

The instructor for this course, Sandra Couture, is a member of the Quebec Bar who works with Justice Canada in the Youth Justice and Strategic Initiative Section. She provides legal and policy advice on all matters related to the Youth Criminal Justice Act and Canada’s youth justice system.

When & how

Date: September 9, 2020

Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm (PDT)

Cost: free

How: online via Zoom over 2-hours, which includes time for a Q&A period

Please note we will NOT make a recording of this training session.


Supporting material

Click to download the two-pager overview here: Overview of the YCJA Amendments (PDF)

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