Helping Clients with Legal Information and Legal Referrals

Settlement Worker Guide Cover ImageSettlement workers in BC help new immigrants as they start their life in Canada. Sometimes new immigrants need information about the law or legal help, and they turn to workers in settlement agencies for help. The Settlement Workers Guide to Helping Clients with Legal Information and Legal Referrals is a new training tool for settlement workers and others providing legal information and referral services. The guide is a series of short videos and text that provides practical information and examples to help workers:

  • understand the difference between legal information and legal advice,
  • identify when a client may have a legal issue,
  • find legal information,
  • find legal help, and
  • make effective referrals.

The guide is hosted on Clicklaw Wikibooks. One of the benefits of having the guide on this collaborative platform is that the information is available in a variety of formats. You can:

  • read the information online
  • watch the videos
  • download the guide as a PDF to print out
  • download the guide as an ebook to read on your ereader, tablet or mobile device.

The guide was developed through the collaborative efforts of the Immigrant PLEI Consortium (IPC) and the following agencies: Courthouse Libraries BC, Justice Education Society, Legal Services Society, Options Community Services and People’s Law School. Funding was provided by the Government of Canada and Province of British Columbia.