Living Together or Living Apart

ltlamultiOne of the most popular family law resources in BC is Living Together or Living Apart, produced by Clicklaw contributor Legal Services Society. This 100-page booklet was completed revised in  2013 to reflect the changes in family law that came with the introduction of the Family Law Act.

The latest edition of Living Together or Living Apart is now available in five additional languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Punjabi, and Spanish.

Please note that previous editions dated before 2013  are now out of date and should be recycled.

Living Together or Living Apart provides an excellent overview of family law issues for people who are married or living in common-law relationships, including options available to you if you separate. It has specific sections on:

  • Making agreements without going to court,
  • Information about parental responsibilities, parenting time, parenting arrangements and contact with a child,
  • Going to court if you can’t agree,
  • Getting a divorce,
  • How the law may be different for Aboriginal people, and
  • Special concerns for immigrants to Canada.

This booklet and other public legal education and information resources are available to read online through Clicklaw.

Print copies of Living Together or Living Apart can be ordered for free through Crown Publications. Visit (under Quick Links, click BC Public Legal Education & Information)