BC Disability Benefits Help Sheets Updated

The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities has updated their series of help sheets on BC disability benefits. There are 14 help sheets for people with disabilities who need to access provincial disability benefits and the medical services & supplies provided by the Ministry of Housing and Social Development. The help sheets cover applying for the persons with disabilities (PWD) benefit, applying for the persons with persistent and multiple barriers (PPMB) to employment benefit, appealing a denial of benefits, and other topics such as trusts and health supplements for persons with disabilities. New with this March 2010 update: three help sheets have been translated into Chinese.


  1. My question is can a adult child of 25 claim support from a parent if he is not employed but recieving disablity, and has been living out of the family home on his own for 3 months.

    Does the adult child have rights to the family home.

    How long is a parent responsible to an adult child who has disablitiy status with revenue Canada.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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