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We’ve noticed that Legal Help for British Columbians: A Guide to Help Non-legal Professionals Make Legal Referrals for Clients is a very popular title on Clicklaw! It is often the first title that appears when browsing by topic, which indicates that many visitors are clicking on that title to find out more about it. Here are two comments about the Guide we’ve received from Clicklaw visitors:

“I am a volunteer at 411 Seniors Centre. I frequently get questions about the client’s legal situation and find the legal guide helpful in providing answers that are concise and in plain language. I have photocopied the pages on representation agreements for some clients because the outline is clear and covers the subject well. The guide also covers a wide range of topics that can be of use to seniors.”

                               Dave Hibbard, 411 Seniors  Centre Volunteer

“This guide has come to my aid in helping [non-lawyer] clients several times over the past couple of weeks. Three of the questions I received were identical to examples in Part 1: Common Legal Problems:

– The Ministry has taken my kids 
– A debt collector is harassing me
– My car broke down and the dealer won’t fix it

The author provides clear and concise information on the steps you need to take and where to get help for each problem. The clients have been very satisfied and grateful for the information I passed on to them.

Part 2: Resource Guide is a nine page alphabetical list of sources of legal information, providing quick access to website addresses and phone numbers. To date, there has been only one number I needed that wasn’t on the list – the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner (related to the debt collector question). I keep a photocopy of this list on the bulletin board for easy access.”

            Denise Caldwell, Kamloops Branch Manager, Courthouse Libraries BC

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