Parenting After Separation Program Expands

Parenting After Separation HandbookThe Parenting After Separation program expanded on October 1, 2010 to four new mandatory PAS sites (Campbell River, Courtenay, Penticton and Vernon) in the Provincial Court.  In addition, the Ministry of Attorney General is  promoting voluntary participation in PAS for Supreme Court litigants.  These free, three-hour sessions are offered in 17 locations in B.C. and help separating and divorcing parents ensure their decisions take into account the best interests of their children.  Sessions also inform parents very generally about the litigation process and about non-adversarial options for resolving issues involving children. 

The program has been offered for more than 12 years by the Ministry of Attorney General.  Ministry evaluations show: participants are very satisfied with the program; fewer cases proceed to court as a result of attending a session; and cases that do proceed to court resolve with fewer appearances.

Click on the link at the top for more information on how to find the program in your community. You can also check out these Parenting After Separation resources on Clicklaw.

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