Feedback Wanted: Legal Info Publications

by CLBC on behalf of People’s Law School (PLS)

Clicklaw is helping to spread the news to our community partners when important events or opportunities come up. Clicklaw, on behalf of People’s Law School, is bringing to your attention what’s new and happening with PLS, and how you can provide feedback.

People’s Law School and Legal Aid BC have announced a new partnership concerning legal information publications (aka freebie booklets). Effective immediately, People’s Law School will be taking over publishing information on welfare benefits, mortgage default, and sponsorship breakdown. Specific titles include:  

The publications above will be available from People’s Law School later this year. For now, these publications can still be accessed through the Legal Aid website.  

Before launching their publications, People’s Law School wants to hear from you! Feedback from community helpers will allow them to learn more about how the public uses these resources and ultimately make them more accessible and user-friendly going forward. You can contribute feedback about these titles through their survey. 

Check out the news release for more information. 

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