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jes-adminlawbcresolvingdisputes AdminLawBCAre you preparing for a tough talk with your boss and want to get tips on negotiation tactics that will help the dialogue move forward?  Does your phone bill reflect charges that were not included in your original contract and you want to dispute the matter with your phone provider?  Are you a licensed practical nurse who wants to appeal a decision of your College’s Registrar of complaints?  All of these issues fall under the jurisdiction of boards, tribunals and government agencies that make rules affecting our daily lives.  This is administrative law territory. 

On April 15, Justice Education Society relaunched the AdminLawBC site that is intended to help British Columbians identify and navigate the appropriate administrative agencies in order to properly address issues dealt by each organization.  The updated site lists all the administrative agencies by topic, some of which include:

  • Citizenship, Rights & Law Enforcement
  • Culture & Information
  • Employment & Labour
  • Health & Health Professionals
  • Professional & Associations

The new and improved AdminLawBC site uses straightforward language, instructional videos as well as soon-to-be released automated assistant (JESS) or chat, that will help with identifying the appropriate agency and guiding users to relevant information resources addressing their specific administrative law matter.  

Also, have a look at Clicklaw for additional resources dealing with various administrative law areas, as identified under the following Common Questions – I have to do my own judicial review, I’ve been cut off workers’ compensation benefits, I’m representing myself at a landlord/tenant hearing, I’m preparing for a tribunal.  Where can I find out what to do?

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