7 Most Popular Clicklaw Resources of 2014

At Clicklaw, we use Google Analytics to track which pages are getting the most views, as well as where people are following through and clicking on links to resources and services on other websites.

There are of course other factors to consider in calculating resource helpfulness, but here is an interesting snapshot of the seven most viewed and clicked resource topics and links of the past year:

1) HelpMap: The Clicklaw HelpMap helps provide access to free low-cost legal advice and legal information services in BC. helpmap.jpgYou can look for services related to a particular topic in a particular city in BC using the search tool located on this page.

Although people referred to fact sheets and written resources, it was clear that many were also seeking additional in-person help. Our most popular service pages referred to were for the Family Justice Centres and Court Registries in BC.

2) Executor Duties: Executor and probate-related issues were very popular this past year.


An executor is the person named in a will to carry out the instructions set out in the will.

Probate is the legal procedure confirming the validity of the will.

Our common questions give a summary explanation of the topic, and refer to helpful resources and starting points:

Common Questions:
I’m applying for probate; where can I find the forms required?
I am the executor of my mother’s will and am doing the work myself

Being an Executor (by People’s Law School)
Your Duties As Executor (by the Canadian Bar Association of BC – CBABC)

3) Welfare Rights: Welfare was also a widely searched topic. The resources available on our website help youyourwelfarerights.jpg find information about welfare applications, including what is needed for you to prove you need benefits, as well as how to find people in the community who can help you understand the application process.

Common Question:I have to go on welfare. What do I need to know before I apply?
Resource:Your Welfare Rights: A Guide to BC Employment and Assistance (By Legal Services Society)


4) Disability Benefits: Persons with Disabilities may be eligible for various benefits and often need help navigating the complex application process.

Our popular common question compiles a list of helpful resources (including step-by-step application help) from Disability Alliance BC, the BC Ministry of Social Development and Social InnovationCBABC, and PovNet.

Common Question: I want to find out about getting BC Disability Benefits

5) Employment Standards: Employees in BC should be aware of their rights in various workplace situations, including when they have been fired from their job. Our common question lists resources from the CBABC, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, and the UBC Law Students Legal Advice Program. These resources cover where to start if you feel you’ve been wrongfully dismissed from a job, and other actions you can take when you feel your employer has been unfair.

Common Question: I’ve been dismissed (fired) without just cause

6) Wills & Estate Planning: Nearly everyone will have to deal with a will at some point. BC’s WESA, the new Wills, Estateswills and Succession Act, came into force in March 2014. It brought with it some interesting changes to succession law. Although “wills” is always a popular topic, it is helpful to access resources that are up to date with the latest changes in the law.

Making a Will and Estate Planning (by CBABC)
Writing a Will (by People’s Law School)

personalplanning.jpg7) Personal Planning: Personal planning involves making arrangements–in case you need help managing your health care, personal care, legal and financial affairs during your lifetime due to illness, injury or disability.

Our common questions point you to informative resources from Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre, CBABC and the Public Guardian and Trustee.

Common Questions:
Should I have an enduring power of attorney or a representation agreement?
What is a “living will” and is one available in BC?

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