Clicklaw: Two things you can use to help your clients with the new Divorce Act

Two Things You Can Use to Help Your Clients with the New Divorce Act

Does your work involve helping people in your community navigate their everyday issues? Then you may have heard of the new Divorce Act. The changes to this federal law will come into effect on March 1st, 2021. Here are two tools you can use to help your clients understand how the new law may affect them.

  1. Clicklaw’s common question about the new Divorce Act

We have compiled a list of good starting points for those new to the topic. They are online resources written in plain language so that non-lawyers could understand them. Also included are webinar recordings where the presenter went over the essential information and answer questions. What is also important is they are free, written by subject matter experts, and come from trusted sources. Check it out: How will the changes to the Divorce Act affect me?

  1. Clicklaw HelpMap: family law services

Your clients may need more assistance with navigating their family law issues. Use the Clicklaw HelpMap to locate free or low-cost services you can refer them to. For a refresher on how to use this tool, see the second page of this Clicklaw handout (PDF).

Getting other questions on family law? See if any of the other common questions could help your clients start figuring out the next step in their legal journey. Here are just a few:

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