We need & want your feedback.

We’ve just launched our Clicklaw Visitor Survey to find out more about the needs of Clicklaw users!

This will be our first user survey since Clicklaw went mobile-friendly – the survey will also be available to mobile users.

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Visitors to clicklaw.bc.ca will be prompted by a pop-up window, which asks them to answer a short 5-question survey about their visit. Those who complete the survey will get a chance to enter a draw for a $100 Visa Gift card!

To prevent being asked to fill out the survey again on repeat visits, a cookie will be stored on the user’s computer after they have completed the survey. This cookie can be deleted or cleared by the user to view the survey again. Multiple entries will not be counted.

The draw is open to BC residents, though staff and contractors of Courthouse Libraries BC and their immediate family will not be eligible to enter.

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Common Questions 2015 Update

What are Common Questions (CQs)? Clicklaw links to so many great resources, which can make it difficult to decide which one to read first. Clicklaw’s Common Questions are like an extended legal FAQ. They help narrow down the resources people should start with. Most of our 147 questions have been reviewed and updated in the past two months.

An example of a Common Question:

CQs make up 40% of the top 10 viewed pages on Clicklaw:

Some new questions that have been added are:

A question to keep your eye on: We’ve started a non-profit group and we want it to become a society

Do you have an idea for a good CQ? Are you having trouble finding the right resources for your legal problem or question? Do you get asked the same questions over and over again by your clients? Send your suggestions to: editor[@]clicklaw.bc.ca