New Features on Clicklaw

Clicklaw recently launched a new look that makes it easier to find the legal information and help you’re looking for. We asked for your feedback, we listened, and we’ve made changes to improve the site for you.

Information in many languages

You now have easier access to legal information in many languages. On the header of each page, we’ve added quick links to resources and services in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Punjabi, Korean and Farsi (Persian), as well as a list of all languages available through Clicklaw. Our Clicklaw contributors produce hundreds of resources in many languages – now it’s easier for you to find them.

Keyword search improvements!

Try out the keyword search and we think you’ll notice a big difference – the search is far more flexible, and you’ll be much more satisfied with the search results. You’ll even find that if you make a spelling mistake, our search engine will notice that and offer you alternatives to choose from.

Search results include HelpMap services

When you look for information on Clicklaw, your search results now include some quick suggestions from our HelpMap. Also, the display for the results is cleaner, easier to read, and includes all resources from three sections: Solve Problems, Learn & Teach, and Reform & Research. You can still  narrow down your search using these sections – just use the “Refine your search” box on the left of the search results screen.

We hope that all of these enhancements will make the site more intuitive and easier for you to find the legal information you need.

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The New & Improved Clicklaw: Six Highlights

We’ve been working on improving Clicklaw! Drawing on usability testing and feedback, we’ve been working on making Clicklaw easier to use & more helpful. Here are six things we’ve done:

  • Additional resources: We added over 200 new resources to the Solve Problems section to fill gaps in the legal information available.
  • Clicklaw subtopics: We added subtopics to resources to improve the experience of browsing on Clicklaw.   
  • Common questions: There are now over 100 “common questions” on the site, featuring resources that are good starting points for information on common legal problems.
  • Resources in languages other than English: We made it easier to find resources on Clicklaw that are in languages other than English.
  • What’s new: A blog highlighting new resources is now featured on the Clicklaw homepage.
  • Facebook & Twitter: Clicklaw has arrived on Facebook and Twitter!

Oh, and we’ve taken off the “Beta” label. Clicklaw is now all grown up. Of course, we will continue to evolve and make improvements to the site to meet the needs of Clicklaw users. Visit and let us know what you think, either by filling out this short survey, posting a comment on this blog posting, or sending us an email at

And spread the word!