HelpMap Enhancements

HelpMap is a referral tool on Clicklaw that helps connect you to hundreds of  free legal services available in communities throughout BC. Launched in December 2009, the HelpMap is a very popular feature on the Clicklaw website.

This month, we made some improvements to the HelpMap. We’ve:

  • fine tuned the search results so groups that provide legal advice, representation or advocacy are at the top of your list
  • added a map on the service details page
  • included a “get directions” feature on the maps, so it’s easier for you to get to legal service location

Last spring, we did some usability testing to see if the HelpMap was meeting the needs of our users and if there was anything we could do to improve it. Through usability testing and other feedback, a few things came up. Based on this, (and our budget!) we made several enhancements to make it easier for people to use.

We hope these changes will make it easier for you to use the HelpMap to find legal services in your community. Try it out, and please let us know what you think.

The HelpMap continues to grow – we’re always looking for new services to add, so if you have suggestions and the service meets our criteria and guidelines, be sure to contact us at

3 New Titles From BC Civil Liberties

How can police-involved deaths be prevented? Does racial profiling improve or decrease security? What can be done to ensure that international anti-terrorism sanctions respect human rights?

Find answers to these questions in 3 new titles from BC Civil Liberties recently added to the Clicklaw Reform & Research category: