Legal Information in Many Languages

Clicklaw contributors produce hundreds of legal information resources, and many of these resources are available in a variety of languages. The Clicklaw team has added some features to our site to make it easier to find them.

We’ve added quick links to information in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Punjabi, Korean and Farsi in the header of every page on Clicklaw. In addition to these languages, when you select “more”, you get a list of the languages that are available through Clicklaw.

You can also browse through our resources by language. For example, if you click “employment” from our homepage, you can see what resources are available in other languages by selecting “language” on the left. Simply choose your language, and you’ll get search results that meet your needs. When you’re searching for service on the HelpMap, you can also narrow down your search results by language.

When you click on “more details” for a Clicklaw resource or HelpMap service, you’ll see what languages that resource or service is available in.

BC is a province rich in diversity and the Clicklaw team is proud to be supporting improved access to legal information for all British Columbians. Some of this year’s Clicklaw updates have been made possible thanks to funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

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