Being an Active Citizen

Heading to the polls this Saturday, November 19th?  To get you into the spirit of things, check out Being an Active Citizen, a new web resource on Clicklaw.

BeingActiveCitizenThis teaching resource by Justice Education Society of BC is a 5-year program with 10 lessons per year for Social Studies grades 7-11. It enhances curriculum on law, government and citizenship by teaching students about the political and justice systems in Canada and by giving them the tools and confidence to be active citizens.

To learn more about the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship and how to become involved in the democratic life of your community, you may want to take a look at the BC Civil Liberties Association’s The Citizenship Handbook. This handbook was created for students and new Canadians, but it is also intended as a useful reminder for all Canadians who take their citizenship for granted.citizenshiphandbook


Details about Saturday’s civic election, such as how the process works and what you may need to bring, can be found on the City of Vancouver website.

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