New resources for newcomers to BC

People’s Law School has recently released three new publications. They are designed for newcomers and others wanting to know more about these topics.paying taxes


Paying Taxes answers questions like, What taxes am I expected to pay?  Who do I pay taxes to? When do I pay taxes?


Driving in BC  is both for newcomers and new drivers in British Columbia who want to know about the laws tdriving in BChat protect you when you are learning to drive in BC and when you are a licensed BC driver. This booklet answers questions like how do I get a BC driver’s licence? What should I do if I have a car accident?


consumer law

Consumer Law: provides information about the laws that protect you when you pay for goods and services, when someone owes you money, or when you owe someone money.


Check out Clicklaw for more great resources on paying taxes, driving in BC, and consumer law.

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