New Year’s Resolution – Becoming a Better Shopper

 Although 2012 is already in full swing, I’d like to think it’s never too late to commit to another resolution for the new year. And it’s possible that in the aftermath of this past holiday season, you may find yourself interested in learning a little about how you can become a more savvy consumer.

With this in mind, I can think of no better time to direct your attention to the Canadian Consumer Handbook from Industry Canada that is now on Clicklaw.

CanadianConsumerHandbookAlso available in French, this convenient online resource is designed to help you become a better informed and more confident consumer of both goods and services. Read about everything from online shopping, gift cards, and purchasing a vehicle to managing personal debt, consumer privacy, and unfair business practices. Select topics you are interested in and make your own handbook that you can download on to your personal computer!

For more information on topics such as consumer rights, scams to avoid, and credit & loans, check out these excellent resources on Clicklaw. For information more specific to debt, start your search here.

Cheers to starting off the new year a more savvy and satisfied consumer!


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