Welcome to the New Dial-A-Law

by People’s Law School

Dial-A-Law has changed—and it’s now easier to use than ever. 

Dial-A-Law began as a way to access BC legal information by telephone, featuring recordings written and edited by volunteer lawyers. 

Now, Dial-A-Law has been relaunched with a modern, user-friendly website.   https://dialalaw.peopleslawschool.ca/ is a great one-stop shop for helping people start solving their legal problems.

What’s new

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The new site still cover legal topics in over 130 areas, and its information is still regularly reviewed by lawyers—but now it’s easier than ever to use. All its content is available on the site, in a new format that’s easy to scan. The text has been rewritten at a 7th grade level, making it accessible to a broader range of readers. And audio recordings are available on each page, assisting anyone who needs a little extra help absorbing the information. 

And all this information is still available by phone, with simplified recordings that are now easier to navigate. 

When and how to access Dial-A-Law

The first step of solving a legal problem is understanding the law. Using clear, direct language, Dial-A-Law focuses on what people can do about their legal problems, and makes a great starting point for questions about BC law. 

Dial-A-Law can be accessed online at dialalaw.ca or by phone at 1-800-565-5297 (604-687-4680 in the Lower Mainland). Also find it on Clicklaw and Clicklaw Wikibooks.

About People’s Law School

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Funded by the Law Foundation of BC, Dial-A-Law was previously operated by the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch. It was redesigned by People’s Law School, a non-profit society dedicated to making the law accessible to everyone. We provide free education and information to help people effectively deal with the legal problems of daily life. Our resources are available in a variety of formats to meet the needs of people: on the web and other digitalplatforms, in booklets and through classes in communities around BC.

Stay informed:

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  1. keep up the great work, videos of all your presentations would be great for many who do not reside in the urban areas.

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