Clicklaw Monthly Roundup: October 2023

We share with you a monthly roundup of changes to Clicklaw’s collection. Here is a summary of updates done in October 2023.

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BC Civil Liberties Association

The Arrest Handbook (Updated)
The police are responsible for enforcing the law. While they are deserving of respect and assistance, they must also respect your legal rights. This booklet has important information about how you can expect the police to act, and how you can respond if you feel the police do not act properly. The Handbook is updated for English and multiple language versions.

Legal Aid BC

Working with Your Legal Aid Lawyer (Updated)
Outlines client and lawyer roles and responsibilities, so each knows what to expect from the legal aid contract. Explains what the lawyer’s time on the case includes, change of lawyer requests, and about making a complaint. Note: other languages don’t include recent updates in English version.

Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry

Personal Planning (Updated)
Nidus’s website has an updated design, providing information about types of planning, and legal documents such as: representation agreements, enduring powers of attorney, and advance directives. It also provides education on health care consent, end-of-life, adult guardianship, preventing abuse, and estate planning.


Family Justice Centres (Updated)
The hours and appointment instructions are updated for the Nanaimo and Vancouver Family Justice Registry locations. The Centres operate across BC to provide services to British Columbians going through separation or divorce.

Islamophobia Legal Assistance Hotline (Updated)
Provides free and confidential legal advice to individuals who have faced discrimination, harassment, or violence because they are Muslim or are perceived to be Muslim.

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