Family Law Act Modernization Phase 2 Public Engagement

by the Ministry of the Attorney General

Do you have expertise or lived experience with family law topics like care and time with children, views of children and parenting assessments and reports, or protection from family violence? Your input could help improve the Family Law Act.

The Family Law Act Modernization Project is a multi-year, phased initiative to identify aspects of the act that may need change or updating to address gaps, make clarifications and ensure it continues to meet the needs of families in British Columbia. The AG is in Phase 2 of the project, which is focused on care and time with children, the views of children and parenting assessments and reports, and protection from family violence.

See the discussion paper and surveys on govTogetherBC and provide your input before March 31, 2024.

The BC Law Institute (BCLI) is also conducting policy and engagement work on the topic of parentage. Information about their engagement is posted on their website.

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