A Review of Parentage under Part 3 of the Family Law Act: we want to hear from you

by the British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI)

The BCLI’s Parentage Law Reform Project Committee is considering changes to the Family Law Act Part 3, which deals with parentage, and wants to hear your thoughts.

Parentage is the foundation of many aspects of a child’s identity, such as family name and relationships. Parentage can also shape legal rights and responsibilities. Relationships and families come in all forms. And there are many different ways of having babies and expanding families.

When the Family Law Act came into force in March 2013 it gave British Columbia its first comprehensive legislative framework for the law of parentage. The goals of this legislative framework were to provide a complete and protective scheme that addresses children equally, no matter whether the child was born through natural or assisted reproduction. Over the past decade there have been considerable developments in law, society, and reproductive science.

The Parentage Law Reform Project Committee has examined whether Part 3 continues to meet these goals. The consultation paper contains thirty-four tentative recommendations for reform.

Now it’s your turn to get involved!

You can submit your feedback via the Response Booklet or the Survey.

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