Newly designed publications from Legal Services Society

Having commissioned a report called Public Legal Education and Information Resources Accessibility Initiative last year, our contributor Legal Services Society has taken steps to improve readability of their publications.

Their revised publications, which feature an attractive new design and an easy-to-read format, are now available via Clicklaw:

  • Representing Yourself in a Criminal Trial – a booklet on what can happen when an accused person pleads not guilty to a summary offence. It includes a checklist to guide the accused through a trial, flow charts of court process before and at the trial, and a sample letter to Crown counsel.
  • If You Are Charged with a Crime – a brochure on what happens if someone is charged with a criminal offence, including the court process, dealing with a lawyer, and getting legal aid or other legal help.
  • Defending Yourself: Theft Under $5,000 – a booklet on how to defend yourself if you are charged with theft under $5,000. It includes a new flowchart that shows when various LSS publications can help at each stage of the criminal court process.

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